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Redundancy Support Package to help employees to be ‘Job Ready! 

If you are making employees redundant due to COVID-19,  please go to our COMPANIES page for information on how we can help.

 Industry OneCARD™ have put together a 'Redundancy Support Package' for employers. 

Industry OneCARD™ will look after your employee's training records, so we can rebuild Australia on the 'Flipside'.

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I have been a training manager in Australia for over 17 years. Over that time, I have seen too many skilled workers miss out on their dream job due issues with their training records.

Changing jobs is stressful enough without having to run around and update tickets, so I created the Industry OneCARD to help individuals manage their training records.

Kareena Waters Industry OneCARD

As a Training Supervisor and  Professional, I encourage all our employees to get the One card. 

This allows them to keep their qualifications current and up to date at the touch of a button or a swipe of their smartphone. 

This also makes my job easier with no need to continually chase people up for their expired licences. I see it as a win -win for all.

I myself have the One Card and it makes it easy to keep my own qualifications current. With today’s fast-paced world having your qualifications at your fingertips is vital.

Rod (Rocket) Green Training Supervisor, Worksafe High Risk Assessor

I believe that the Industry OneCARD is a great tool,  that will assist not just companies but individuals as well. 

 Its ability to streamline the recruitment and audit processes and reduces the need to carry a wallet full of cards will benefit everyone.

 I like, the fact that Industry OneCARD is not aligned to any one recruitment company and focuses on looking after both company and individuals training compliance.

From my experience over the years as a National and State Training Manager, I can see wide application and benefit to outsourcing training management to professional who understand the training and compliance environment.

Janet Curran CEO / Managing Director, Future Institute of Australia

I find Industry OneCARD an excellent reminder service for me to update my expiring qualifications like W@H and Confined Space.

My OneCARD reminds me to book these courses in advance of my time off swing.

Judd Gould HRWL Worksafe Assessor, Perth

I am pleased to endorse Industry OneCARD as a leading edge service that brings together several critical factors that impact the recruitment, competence and currency of employees and potential employees.

 In my management experience within both the resource and training industries, I have seen the frustrations that exist regarding the availability validity and currency of training records and qualifications.

 Industry OneCARD addresses these frustrations and makes it easier to confirm a candidate’s competency profile relative to the role they are seeking and gives any potential employer ready access to the individual’s current training records.

 I strongly recommend Industry OneCARD for individuals, employers and recruiting agencies.

Ken Foote Proprietor, IMAGE Professional Development

Engagement with Industry OneCARD has made the world of “Training Management” an absolute breeze. Industry OneCARD has provided us with a complete service customised to our business size and needs. 

At the touch of a button, Protex has full visibility of our training documents and records, access to training calendars, matrices, reporting. Where Industry OneCARD has shone for Protex is with maintaining the “accuracy”, “quality” and “currency” of our training records…which we all know takes attention to detail, ongoing follow-up and most importantly precious time!”

Fahed Abou-Hishmeh, Quality and Technical Manager Protex Industrial Services

As a WorkSafe assessor across offshore on onshore sites, I have to carry a pile of compliance cards and original certificates.

The industry OneCARD is a great innovation, which allows me to leave my valuable originals certificates safe at home and the team at Industry OneCARD let me know when it’s time to renew.

A lot of guys in the industry would benefit having Industry OneCARD look after their tickets and licences .

I highly recommend Industries get onboard.

Tom Cambridge WA WorkSafe Assessor

"I was super excited when I saw your ad for Industry One Card. 

When my FIFO hubby changed employers, I was constantly being called for copies of one thing or another and realised that this card is just what I needed. The alerts we receive to remind us of expiring cards is a sanity saver and now you can embed your OneCARD into your CV , which is amazing. 

Thank you."

Vanessa McBain

The Industry One Card gives small to medium sized businesses the opportunity to have their employees training records managed for them, keeping the business compliant and storing the training records in an easy to access manner.  

No more lost certifications, no more worrying about missing dates for renewal of high risk qualifications! Thumbs up from me!


Vicki Hawes -The Coalface Coach Perth WA

How it works

  • 1. Choose your membership

    We have three membership levels from which you can choose. All our members receive the exact same benefits and care, the only difference being the duration. We cater for all budgets, with monthly, yearly or three-yearly membership options.
  • 2. Take a selfie

    Before you can upload any training records, we need to create your unique Industry OneCARD. Simply follow the prompts, and upload a head and shoulder (passport-style) photo image of yourself.
  • 3. Upload your training records

    This is the easy part and why you will find our services so useful. Just let us know how many training records you are uploading, which ones have an expiry date and the duration you require. Then we can send you alerts three months prior to expiry. You can upload as many training records as often as you like, with varying expiry dates, and never again miss out on employment because one of your qualifications has lapsed.
  • 4. Your Industry OneCARD is on its way

    Your training administrator will post your Industry OneCARD via Australia Post and you should receive your card 2-5 days after registration depending on where your postal address is.
  • 5. Accessing your training records

    You will have simple access to all your training records by simply scanning your unique QR code with any mobile device. If you don't have a QR reader, one can be obtained free from the app store or Google Play. Your records are password protected to keep all details safe.
  • 6. We can't look after what we don't have!

    Upload any new training records, at any time, for no extra cost. Remember: we will send you email reminders when your tickets are due to expire. All you have to do is ensure your contact details are current so that we can do our bit, for you! Excited? Let's get you registered.

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