What is Industry OneCARD™

Industry OneCARD™ collects and holds your training records regardless of who you're working for.

You simply register, upload all your training records (including national and international tickets and licences, VOC's, logbooks and on-site training)

We'll give you your own QR coded Industry OneCARD™ and as you gain more certificates or accreditations, you simply add them through our simple mobile friendly site.


Job Ready

Your in-date training records will be ready when you need them. No more running around trying to find evidence or having to attend training at the last minute. Jump to the front of the recruitment queue, as your recruiter will love that all your training records are organised using correct naming conventions, are in date and a copy of each certificate is able to be viewed.


Easy access

 To access your records, anytime, anywhere, simply scan your Industry OneCARD™ with any mobile device or log into your own training records page.  If you don't have a QR scanner, you can find one for free from the App store of Google Play.  Easy access for recruiters, as they can forward your training records straight away to any hiring manager.


Receive alerts

 When any of your nominated training, records are due to expire, an Industry OneCARD™ administrator will send you email alerts to remind you to book into training. We can even help you find a suitable training provider.  Your administrator will send alerts to remind you to upload any new training you might have attended, as we can't look after what you don't upload.


Safe and Secure

 Industry OneCARD™ is owned by VTM which is a wholly owned Australian company. In order to keep your details safe and secure, your Industry OneCARD™  is powered by MYOSH, one of Australia's most trusted Safety and Training Management Systems and used by businesses of all sizes.