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Fahed Abou-Hishmeh Quality & Technical Manager / Co Director at Protex Industrial

At Protex, we believe that quality and safety are paramount for any successful business seeking to be a reputable, sought after player in their industry. This can only be as good as the calibre and skills of the people who form the foundation and future of our business. Investing in training and the ongoing upkeep of our people’s skills and education is pivotal in ensuring we are always compliant to meet our obligations to our clients and people. 

Engagement with Industry OneCARD has made the world of “Training Management” an absolute breeze for Protex. Industry OneCARD has provided us with a complete service customised to our business size and needs. They’ve taken on the very important function of managing our training records, devising training matrices which give us the transparency we need. Their finger is on the pulse with regards to our training gaps, specific training requirements and arrangements. 

At the touch of a button, Protex has full visibility of our training documents and records, access to training calendars, matrices, reporting. Where Industry OneCARD has shone for Protex is with maintaining the “accuracy”, “quality” and “currency” of our training records…which we all know takes attention to detail, ongoing follow-up and most importantly precious time!

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'Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over, and expecting a different result'!

Have you, ever applied for a position which you know you have all the required experience, skills, knowledge and references to back up the claims? but once you send the email or press the submit button, all you hear is silence, nil, nought, nothing?…

You check your sent box, yep it was sent, you scratch your head, mumble that recruiters don't know what they are doing, find another advertised position and repeat…..

Most recruiters, I have worked alongside know what they are looking for, but with some vacancies attracting somewhere between 100- 500 applicants they don't have time…..

So instead of being driven insane, it might be time to go back and take a good long hard look at your application.

Was it really a good fit for you? Were you pitching to high or too low? Is your resume, up to date, easy to read, not too longwinded and is it relevant to the position you applied for? 

If in doubt, look at engaging a resume writer, but do your research, a resume writer must know your industry and use the correct terminology. 

I have seen some horror resumes, that the owner paid a fortune for the privilege to have all their experience and knowledge, disregarded and consumed by flowery, over the exaggerated use of 'beautiful phrases' which made me what to cringe.

The only the place that resume landed, was not on the intended hiring managers desk, but on the cutting floor. 

Next, take a look at your training records.

Have you obtained any new training? are your records up to date, current, relevant and do you have the evidence to back up your claims? Some training records and will expire, as part of regulations and legislation, others with have an industry best practice expiry date, that can change depending on the industry sector you work in, the employer/client and the site. 

You need to check to ensure you have currency, as with changes to standards and industry practices many qualification, or units will have been superseded and updated.

For example; my original training qualifications I gained in 2000, have not expired but they are no longer current and will not help me gain employment.

Training compliance is a hidden cost to most business and individuals, and in these competitive times, it's important to keep current and have records accessible.

I have sat next to many recruiters and seen resumes of skilled workers passed over due to nothing more than one or more of their records are either out of date, not current or missing. 

Don't be the person that does not get the call,  be 'Job Ready.' 

If you need any help understanding what your business or personal requirements are around training compliance, help to find a good resume writer or training provider, then contact the team at Industry, as this is what we do. 

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You need to be Job-Ready! Even BHP say it!

“…we believe in the power of education to drive progress and to lift people out of poverty...” – Andrew Mackenzie BHP CEO WA today 4/11/17.

Andrew Mackenzie was talking about global poverty and the increase in populism but the same message can apply to individuals even in Australia.

Education is critical to the continued rise in living standards in Australia as employers increasingly demand educated workers. This doesn’t mean we all need university degrees, skilled based training is as important, if not more so in like Australia’s.This is fine from a ‘big picture’ perspective but we live in the real world.

Competition for jobs, good jobs is intense and increasingly so. Our job market is increasingly fragmented with ever increasing numbers of contract roles. Well and truly, the time of the permanent employee is over. Now the average Australian stays in for only 3 years and 4 months.

Unemployment is stable right now at 5.5% (ABS September 2017). But under-employment is increasing, it might surprise you to learn the number of people who are employed but seeking more ‘hours’ is greater than the number of people unemployed!

Unemployment might be stable but if you’re unemployed, the average number of weeks to find a job is at 16.2 weeks! Nearly 4 months! And if you’re over 45, this number jumps to 4.5 months, if you’re over 55, the number of weeks’ skyrockets to over 6 months.

What this all means is that you must be job ready. With 3 in 10 workers claiming to have missed job opportunities they ready, this is true now more than ever and will be increasingly so.

Job ready means;

-      Having your resume up to date

-      Making sure your references are still your references

-      Having easy access to evidence to support your qualifications

-      Being easy to contact (e.g. mobile, email etc.)

Critically to any employer is your experience and what you are trained for. Both of these area’s need ‘ ’ support.

support is being able to demonstrate that what you claim your experience to be is, in fact, correct and being able to support your training credentials with the qualification.

Usually, previous employers provide a ‘certificate’ or ‘statement’ of service. While this does validate your experience, this is important to at least get you ‘in the door’ to a recruiter or the like.

Training credentials are often trickier for people to manage. Often there are many credentials, up to 20 or more, to manage and, as you well know, they all have In the environment we are in, showing up to a recruiter with an expired training credential is tantamount to asking to not get the job.

If you’re looking for a job, you need to be job ready. Failure is simply not an option anymore, out of work benefits are low and falling so not working usually means a massive drop in lifestyle with the many tensions and drama’s that come with that.

Don’t be one of the statistics, be job ready, make life easy for yourself.


It has been predicted that in 2018 competition for jobs is going to be strong, so ensure you are ‘Job Ready’ sign up to Industry OneCARD,
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People ask me why I started Industry OneCARD?  I’ve been out of work, I’ve had no money, I’ve looked in the dark places. I’m familiar with them.   Three years ago, I was a Training Manager for a resource oil & gas business.   We had had some good jobs on offer with up to 6-figure plus salary.   This one guy came in, according to his resume he was qualified but he didn’t have his tickets. He’d been out of work for a while, with a mortgage to pay, he needed the work.   He’s in my office, he’s on the phone to his wife, the look on his face speaking volumes. The stress, the worry, he’s in a state of despair. He eventually found all of his tickets except one. I took a risk, I put him on the course for that one ticket for free…he got the job!   $200K salary at risk for a $300 ticket.   Why did I do this?   Because I’ve had opportunities that I couldn’t access because I didn’t have the money.   Call it pay it forward, I don’t know but it felt fantastic.   This is where Industry OneCARD comes from.   This is the problem it solves.


Industry OneCARD is available for individuals or companies  

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One of the hidden challenges of all running a business is maintaining a trained and competent workforce. Business invest into training, but when they need to provide evidence, training records are often missing or the ticket and licences are expired. Industry OneCARD can solve this issue for your business. We will look after your employees training records so they are ready when you need them. Industry OneCARD customised packages for individuals and companies of all sizes.

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Do you own, manage or work in an RTO or training business? If yes, please contact Industry OneCARD, to join our 'Free' advertising offer for Australian Training Providers. Help us, help our members, find your business.