Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and Privacy Collection Statement 

This privacy policy and collection statement outline how we collect, store and use your personal information.

Virtual Training Management PTY LTD Trading as Industry OneCARD™ (ABN 95625188669) is a wholly owned private Australian Company.

Industry OneCARD™ provides a service to companies and individuals to manage the collection and maintenance of Workforce Compliance Documentation.

To provide this service we may need to collect, store and disclose personal information.

There may be circumstances we need to collect, store and disclose ‘sensitive’ information as defined in the privacy act 1988 for the purpose of your employment.

If we can’t collect, store and disclose this information, we can’t provide the service.

Industry OneCARD™ is powered by myosh for your data security.

  • myosh is a third-party platform that uses the services of Amazon Web Services (AWS). The AWS infrastructure puts strong safeguards in place to help protect customer privacy, and all data is stored in highly secure AWS data centers in Australia.
  •  The myosh platform has ISO27001 accreditation.

We suggest you read and understand MYOSH data and security policies available from the myosh website:,

What personal information do we collect? 

Personal Information that Industry OneCARD™ requires that enables us to provide you, your employer or potential employer with our service, and can include but not limited to; name, age, physical and postal address, date of birth, email address, phone number, passport unique student identifiers, position description, resume, high risk work licences, training qualification, trade or weld tests, validation of competency (VOC) and certificates, trade licences, industry association membership, company/site/facility inductions and non-accredited training, training plans and contracts (apprentices and trainees), visa details, employment medicals, drivers licences, police clearances and other contact details.

Your email address will be used as our primary method of contact to send you a link to access your profile, alerts if any of your documents are due to expire and for our team to contact for any issues arising from your workforce compliance documents.

How do we collect and data and manage your data? 

Individual memberships 

If you have purchased an individual membership by the nature of your purchase, you have agreed to our services and the collection and storage of any personal data you have provided to us through our collection portal.

This is a secure portal that can only be accessed by Industry OneCARD™ administrators for the purpose of verifying and naming and uploading your data onto your individual membership profile.

As an individual Industry OneCARD™ member, only you have access to your provided information and Industry OneCARD™ does not disclose, forward or provide your data to any employer or third party.

Industry OneCARD™ will alert you if any workforce compliance documents are expiring but are not responsible for the renewal of these documents.

If you commence employment with one of our Industry OneCARD™ company members they may request your individual membership is transferred to your employer for the duration of your employment.

If this occurs, you will need to contact us to provide permission for us to transfer your membership to a company member for the duration of your employment.

If you do not want your employer to have access will need to discuss this with your employer.

If you transfer to an Industry OneCARD™ company member, your individual membership fees will be suspended, and your employer will pay for your membership for the duration of your employment and can be reinstated on termination of employment.

We have no lock-in contracts, therefore, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

On cancelation or non-payment your membership portal will be archived.

If any time in the future, you again require our service you can contact us to reinstate your membership.

 Company membership 

Industry OneCARD™ company members use our services as a third party to manage and maintain the workforce compliance of employees.

To enable Industry OneCARD™ to provide your employer with our service we will need to disclose your personal information and workforce compliance to your employer.

Only personal that specifically require your personal information to carry out their business responsibilities will be provided access.

Company members are required to

  • notify employees they are purchasing a membership on behalf of the company for the duration of employment and they will be providing an employee’s personal information to a third party for the sole purpose of maintaining their legal obligation to have evidence of a trained and competent workforce, site access and employment eligibility.
  • Provide Industry OneCARD™ with a copy of their Privacy Policy
  • Notify Industry OneCARD™ that an employee does not want to have their data shared with Industry OneCARD™. 

If this occurs, we will not be able to manage that employees workforce compliance.

Your employer may forward your personal information on their clients, regulators or other parties as required to carry out business responsibilities as part of site access, eligibility of employment and legal requirements.

During employment, your employer may add training records or documents they require to your profile. These can include medicals, site inductions, new or updated training or licence records.

You also can add to documents to your unique Industry OneCARD™ profile.  

Access to your data

If you have either individual or company purchased memberships, you will have complete access to all your information and workforce compliance documents through your unique Industry OneCARD™ web app and portal.

You can upload any information you wish to save and can download documents to forward to your employer or potential employer.

Industry OneCARD™ will issue a password for your membership at setup and we encourage you to change the password on your first entry into your portal, update regularly and do not share with any other third party.

If an employer deactivates your Company membership, they will no longer have access to your personal information, but you will have access for two weeks to allow for you to

  • transfer your membership to your new employer if they are an Industry OneCARD™ member
  • transfer your membership to individual membership
  • reactivate a previous individual membership
  • download load all your documents and cancel membership
  • do nothing and your membership will be archived

Accuracy of data 

Industry OneCARD™ will always aim to ensure all information is accurate and current.

You are responsible for the records you or your employer upload to your profile are not fraudulent or misleading and are responsible for maintaining the currency of the information we hold. 

We will send alerts of pending expiry information to an employee or individual member and provide an employer with matrices and search reports but are not responsible if the information is not provided for us to update.  

If you have any concerns about your personal information, please contact us.

Email Alerts 

One of our functions is to maintain the currency of Workforce Compliance documents. We all get busy and important expiry dates can get missed.

To provide this important service we will send email alerts to employees and individual members alerting of the pending expiry of licences, tickets and other workforce compliance documents.

It is important we have your current email address.

The alerts are triggered by expiry dates which are either visible on your documents or are a legal requirement for your trade or positions, best practice in your industry or at your employer’s request.

As an Individual member you can choose to remove the expiry of a document that is part of your work history if it is not a legal requirement to renew and you no longer require the evidence to be current,  this will need to be requested to us in writing using the email below.

If you are under a company membership your employer will need to contact us to remove any non-legal renewal dates.

Feedback and complaints 

We would love your feedback on our service and product, and we take continuous improvement seriously.

We would love to hear your suggestions and ideas on how we can improve our service and interaction with you or your company.

If you feel we have not provided services or have failed to meet our obligations under this privacy policy and in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles or company agreement please contact us to let us know so we may assist in working through a solution.

Changes to our Privacy and collection policy 

We are continuously growing and developing to provide a high-quality service to individual and company members and therefore part of our growth strategy is the review and renewal of policies and business procedures.

We will notify you of any changes by posting an update to our website.

Promotions and Marketing 

From time to time Industry OneCARD™ has great deals from training providers and industry partners we might want to share with you or a new product or newsletter that might interest you.

If you do not want to receive any of these types of communication, please use the email address below to contact us to remove you from any Industry OneCARD™ owned circulation list.

For more information please contact

Industry OneCARD™

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Last updated: January 2020